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Offers online women’s courses about investing. The company’s goal is to lead 1 Million Women to $1 Million in net worth. Their signature offering, The Wealth Circle,  is a 12-week online course and community where they teach women how to build personalized wealth plans.


My Role

My role was to work with stakeholders to first define the design challenge, then to discover and recommend actionable insights. The company had never worked with user research before, so I also had the joy of showing them what the purpose of user research is and how it impacts design.

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Factora received feedback that their sales page is currently causing confusion for users in regards to what a Wealth Circle is, how to join, and how much it costs. They understand that their product is novel and want their customers to feel that their sales page is transparent and conveys that they are a premium brand. 



(a) After viewing the sales page, does the user understand what a Wealth Circle is?


(b) What resonates with users?


(c) What other features did users expect and would be useful to add to the Factora sales page?

(d) Does the user feel compelled to apply to Factora?


Method: Interview + Usability Test

((6 Participants))



To test how participants sought out information and to find what resonated (or didn’t).

Method: Card Sort

((15 Participants))



To discover how women would organize information if they were deciding if they should take an online course about personal finance and investing.



Navigation Bar - Teach don’t sell.

Every participant from the usability test shared that they desired a navigation bar on the site. Multiple participants stated that they wanted all of their information up front, that they didn’t want to feel like they were being sold to when they were trying or find information, and one even shared they felt that the navigation made the site feel untrustworthy. 


Application Process - Do I even qualify? 

All participants were surprised to learn they needed to the “Apply” for the course. There are no qualifications or pre-requisites for joining The Wealth Circle. Based on assumptions, participants then began to ask what the qualifications were and if they would even be likely to be accepted. There is no other information about the process outside of the application form. This caused confusion for participants or changed their perspective, usually away from, what the course is. 

Success Stories - I need more context.

Success stories were helpful for participants, particularly because they showed that the course would tackle a diverse array of financial goals. However, multiple participants wanted to have more context around success stories. 


Aesthetic - Pretty, but disjointed from investing.

“You know, it felt opulent and rich. So it seems like a type of program that would attract something. It really attracted me more to, like, fashion and lifestyle. Not really finance.”  



Factora Wealth is currently in the process of finding a site designer, specifically one with experience with UX Design and plans on changing the navigation and layout of their site. Further impacts TBA.

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